Primary Engineering

Single Line Diagram, Overall Plot Plan, Detailed Equipment Layout - Plan & Section, Clearance Diagram, Earth mat Detail, Lightning Protection Detail, Erection Key Diagram, Co-ordination Layout, Cable Routing, Indoor & Outdoor lighting.

Earth mat Design, Battery & Charger Sizing, Lighting & Lightning Design, Transformer & DG Sizing, Sag Tension, Short Circuit Force, Busbar Sizing and LV Load Calculation.

Vendor Drawing Review for various Electrical equipments, Vendor Offer Review and close co-ordination with Vendor, Client and Consultant.

Secondary Engineering


Preparation & review of

  • Protection Logic Diagram
  • Relay & Metering one line diagram
  • AC Elementary three line diagram
  • TFR, PSE interfacing diagram
  • Relay ordering code details & Protection Panel List
  • Protection Panel & Relay data sheets/schedules
  • GA & Schematic diagram of all Protection Panels, TFR Panel, Fault locator Panel etc.,
  • Fault Current calculations, CT, VT & Metrosil Sizing Calculations, Relay Setting Calculations, Overcurrent & Earth Fault Relay coordination

Control & Automation

Preparation & review of

  • Interlock logic block diagram, AVR & Transformer paralleling logic diagram and Auto Reclose logic diagram
  • SAS/SCMS/DMS/DCS/LDC Architecture
  • BCU IO List, SAS/SCMS Signal List, TIP List, DMS Signal list/datasheet, SCADA/TFR/ DSM/SOE/Annunication Point list
  • GA & Schematic diagram of Local control cubicle, SAS/SCMS Server/Gateway Panels, LAN Panel, Common Alarm/annunication Panel, AVR Panel, Transformer Paralleling interlock panel, Synchrocheck Panel etc.


Preparation & review of

  • Telecommunication layout/architecture
  • Telecommunication BOQ, data sheets, channel list, GA & Schematic diagram

Other Services

  • Control cable sizing calculations, laying schedule and interconnection/termination schedules
  • GA & Schematic diagram for various substation equipment such as CB, Isolators, Transformers, Reactors, NGR, LVAC, LVDC etc.,
  • Schematic diagrams interfacing works and Protection, control & communication system vendor offer review
  • FAT inspection for Control, Protection and Metering Panels

EHV Cabling (from 66kV to 400kV)

EHV Cabling Scope of work includes preparation of preliminary cable route using conceptual drawing and final cable route using actual ground profile, Erection detail for buried trench/trough, road crossing through duct, bonding scheme and transpose scheme.